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On Jan 19th, 2010 at 12:17PM, Stephen Michael McMinn (www dot jeepinnz at orcon dot net dot nz) wrote:
Hi there, I have 7 hafflingers down here in New Zealand, i have managed to locate 13 others also down here. I also have built a front engined and 4 wheel steering competion trials vehicle like you would never you have seen before(it also has a pivoting brakes in 2 and rotates to keep the wheels on the ground. Please contact me for info thanks
On Sep 13th, 2006 at 05:44PM, Stuardo Garcia Stuardo (hafipínzasocgt at yahoo dot com) wrote:
Hello I am from Guatemala Center America
My name is Stuardo García I am a Doctor
In my country we have um small group of Haflinger and Pinzgauer we have 21 Haflinger and 6 Pinzgauer and my web is / you can see our pictures of those that we think it is the best 4x4 ever built, and i think if they had bulild it before the II WW the famos Jeep would not exist.
I hope you like it.
And congratulations for your web is beautiful, and I houpe that soon you include Guatemala too in the listing of countries.