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In this section, I would like to offer information about the three series and the different wheelbases. To be able to give you a good overview about these things, I created the graphic below which shows from when to when which series and which wheelbase was built. I think the best and most usual indicator to differ between the three series is the Haflinger's fuel tank, that I also inserted into my diagram. However, you have to be very careful when detecting to which series a Haflinger belongs, because especially Early Series Haflinger (e.g. in the Austrian Army) were often fitted with Series 1 fuel tanks when replacement was necessary. The next thing is, that the series never changed from 31st of December to 1st of January. The dates shown in the graphic are just a sort of clue.

More information on the different series will follow. I would also like to include prototypes and early pre-series vehicles make the story complete.


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On Jan 6th, 2008 at 07:23PM, colin homewood (jillhomewood at btinternet dot com) wrote:
hi i am a new hafy owner a 1972 4 seater its in quite good condition for the year it needs a new hood and the engine tends too splutter and die but restarts instantly again has anyone any idears any help would be apreceated, it hasnt been on the road
scince 1986 I hope toget it back on the road for this summer bye colin
On Dec 20th, 2006 at 02:57AM, GANGGAS WIDJAJANTO GASYE (ganggasw at yahoo dot com) wrote:
My Hafy is of 1961 and was scrap of Indonesia Army ,and having Fuel tank at right side , can this fuel Tank with the model of front left side ?