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Historic Pictures

This and the following pictures were taken during one of Johann Juritsch's journeys to Kenya, possibly in the mid 60s. Mr. Juritsch, the second from right, was involved in the Haflinger business as an SDP aftersales employee for a long time. Thanks a lot for the photos!

Dieses und die folgenden Bilder wurden während einer von Johann Juritsch's Reisen nach Kenya aufgenommen, etwa Mitte der 60er. Herr Juritsch, der als zweiter von rechts zu sehen ist, war lange Zeit im Steyr-Puch Kundendienst tätig und hatte viel mit Haflingern zu tun.
Does anyone recognize the location or one of the people shown in this picture?

Kann irgendjemand mehr über den Ort oder die Leute auf diesem Foto sagen?
Here are some more nice photos from the same journey, but without Haflingers.

Hier sind noch weitere Bilder der selben Reise, jedoch ohne Haflinger.
The picture to the left was taken in Nairobi, possibly in the late 60s or early 70s within a Haflinger presentation. Does anyone recognize the location or any of the people? Thanks Dr. Rudolf (and Massimo Ferraroni) for the picture.

Das Bild links wurde in Nairobi aufgenommen, wahrscheinlich in den späten 60ern oder frühen 70ern bei einer Haflinger-Präsentation. Erkennt jemand den Ort oder eine der Personen wieder? Danke Dr. Rudolf (und Massimo Ferraroni) für das Foto.
This and the following two pictures come from Trevor Jones - thanks a lot! His dad used to own some Haflingers in Nairobi, of which one is shown in the photos.

Dieses und die folgenden zwei Fotos kommen von Trevor Jones - danke vielmals! Sein Vater besaß mehrere Haflinger in Nairobi, von denen einer hier gezeigt wird.
As you can see, it is a Series 1 long wheelbase tropical Haflinger, possibly around 1965 year of make.

Wie man sieht, handelt es sich um einen Serie 1 Tropenhaflinger mit langem Radstand, etwa Baujahr 1965.

Haflingers in Kenya today

The Haflinger shown to the left is a 1966 long wheelbase model, found by Gerhard Ungerer in quite sad condition. According to him, Haflingers were imported to Kenya by a company named Hale and Barrett in Kitale. Does anyone have further information on this company?

Den links gezeigten Tropenhaflinger mit langem Radstand und Baujahr 1966 hat Gerhard Ungerer in traurigem Zustand erworben. Laut seinen Informationen wurden Haflinger in Kenya über eine Firma Namens Hale and Barrett in Kitale importiert. Hat jemand nähere Informationen dazu?
The engine was missing and the gearbox casing was damaged. Gerhard stripped and restored the vehicle, a replacement Haflinger engine was imported from Europe.

Der Motor fehlte und das Getriebegehäuse war beschädigt. Gerhard restaurierte das Fahrzeug und importierte einen Haflingermotor aus Europa als Ersatz.
Here you see how the Haflinger looks like after the restoration.

Hier sieht man den Haflinger nach der Restauration.
Sadly, Gerhard lateron moved out from Kenya and finally sold his Haflinger to a man in Namibia. Thanks a lot for the pictures.

Leider zog Gerhard aus Kenya weg und verkaufte seinen Haflinger schließlich nach Namibia. Danke vielmals für die Bilder.
This Haflinger with registration KNV 930 was owned by Ben Thomas.

Dieser Haflinger mit Kennzeichen KNV 930 war im Besitz von Ben Thomas.
From the year of make, it must be quite close to Gerhard's ex Haflinger shown above.

Vom Baujahr her dürfte er Gerhards ehemaligem Haflinger recht nahe liegen.
The hard top was possibly locally made.

Der feste Aufbau wurde wahrscheinlich lokal angefertigt.
Ben also has (or had) the remains of a second, short wheelbase Haflinger.

Ben hat (oder hatte) auch die Teile von einem zweiten Haflinger mit kurzem Radstand.
Thanks Ben Thomas (and Gerhard Ungerer) for the photos.

Danke Ben Thomas (und Gerhard Ungerer) für die Bilder.

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On Jul 26th, 2019 at 01:09PM, David Kahumbu (dkahumbu at gmail dot com) wrote:
Hi. I have a SWB Haflinger and would like to put a Subaru or VW engine on it. Does anyone know how it's done or who could do it for me. Thanks.
On Feb 25th, 2018 at 07:28AM, Jean Pierre (kitisuru75 at yahoo dot com) wrote:
I owned KLE 402 in the 1990s the engine was missing as stated and the bell housing had been butchered at some point to fit a VW engine. I am glad to know that it has been restored, and sad that it has left Kenya!
On Dec 6th, 2009 at 06:36PM, Trevor Jones (tdfjones at me dot com) wrote:
My father, Derek Jones, had a love of Haflingers. I know he had between 1 and 6 at any one time. His final one had a Subaru water cooled engine, the hi-ratio gears, hydraulic clutch, 13inch wheels and tyres, and was the long wheel base model. Jim Heather-Hayes took it over after his death, and I believe he passed it on to a young English bloke who wanted to rebuild it. Paul, I would be interested if you ever find it to see it again. It was KNV 930? I cant remember. i will try to find the info. I personally am hankering after a 2nd generation ex-British Army Pinzgauer, 4 wheel drive, not the 6, to do up. Paul, contact me through Cocky Cooper if you want me to dig out photos or anything. Have fun.
On Nov 11th, 2009 at 10:13AM, Paul Zib (paultzibarras at hotmail dot com) wrote:
I am in the process of buying 2 Haflingers. One in ok condition with minor tinkering needed and the other in pieces requiring a complete rebuild.
On Aug 15th, 2006 at 03:01PM, Gerhard Ungerer (gerhard at rhonenberg dot com) wrote:
The Units sold in Kenya were sold by a Company called Hale and Barrett in Kitale, Western Kenya.

I know of 2 units in running condition and of 6 units that are in different states of disrepair.

The Unit I have is Chassis No 555621, Reg KLE402 which is a 1966 Model 703.