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Details and Changes

In this section, I would like to document interesting details from different Haflinger versions as well as the many little changes that came with the proceeding years of manufacture. I thought it would be a good idea to put the whole stuff in the same order as used in the Hafi spare parts catalogue.

Motor Crancase, Cylinder, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Oil Pump/Filter, Blower, Cover Plates, Carburetor, Fuel Pump/Tank, Exhaust System, Clutch etc.
Gearbox Gearbox Housing, Gear Casing, Gear, Auxiliary Gear, Gearchange, Differential Assembly front and rear
Front and Rear Axle Front and Rear Axle for 1500/1800 wheelbase, Front Axle Casing, Central Tube, Speedo Drive, Skid Plates
Wheel Suspension Cross Member and Road Springs front and rear, Shock Absorbers, Check Straps, Braces
Steering Assembly Steering Assembly, Steeering Linkages
Hub for Wheel Hub for Front Wheel, Hub for Rear Wheel
Wheels and Brakes Front and Rear Wheel Brake, Rims and Tyres, Brake Cylinders, Brake Lines
Controls Foot and Hand Brake, Clutch Control, Throttle and Choke, Gear Shift Mechanism, 4WD, Diff Locks and PTO Mechanisms
Electric Equipment 1 Engine, Battery, Dashboard, Switches, Cable Strand, Headlamps, Front Indicators, Horn
Electric Equipment 2 Tail Lights, Brake Lights, Rear Indicators, Windscreen Wipers, Windscreen Washers
Platform Front Pan/Wall, Rim Stiffenings, Poly Cab, Floor Panels, Spare Wheel/Jerry Can Carrier, Engine Compartment, Bumpers
Accessory for Front Wall Headlamp Protection, Badges, Mirrors, Windscreen, Dashboard, Instruction Plates, Ventilation
Seats Front and Rear Seats, Safety Belts, Guard Plates behind the Seats
Boards Short Boards, Long Boards, Short Side Rails
Hood Sticks Hood Sticks 1500/1800 wheelbase, Hood Sticks Polycab Model
Canvas Cabs Polycab Canvas Cab, Short Canvas Cab, Large Canvas Cab, Accessories
Doors Front Canvas Doors, Polycab Doors, Rear Canvas Doors
Additional Equipment Rifle Holders, Trafficator for Hand, PTO Equipment, Hitch, Eberspächer Heater, Roof Rack
Tools Tool Roll, Lifting Jack, Jerry Can, Oil Can to start on gasoline


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On Sep 3rd, 2008 at 09:16PM, Michael Partington (mikehaf650 at yahoo dot co dot uk) wrote:

I have only just discovered your website (apologies)

I am trying to check if my HAF could be the oldest in the UK

I believe it was manufactured in 1960, the chassis number is 5352192 and the engine number is 5352845. Are you able to confirm the date of manufacture please, and advise if you know of any older vehicles in the UK

I will send photos if you wish.

Best Regards,
Mike Partington