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In this Section, I would like to collect information about the dealers in the different countries, about the Haflinger types which were delivered there and about the current "Haflinger Situations". I know that this colorful list of states (though it is even not complete!) is a really unsolvable challenge, but it also gives a taste of the worldwide spread of Puch Haflingers.

Australia Austria
Belgium Cameroon
Canada Chad
China Congo
Denmark France
Germany Great Britain
Greece Guatemala
Hongkong Hungary
Indonesia Italy
Japan Kenya
Kuwait Mozambique
Netherlands Nigeria
Norway Panama
Philippines Portugal
Rhodesia Saudi Arabia
South Africa Spain
Sweden Switzerland
USA Zambia
Other States    


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On Oct 27th, 2006 at 02:15PM, Klaus Danne (peace2u at gmx dot net) wrote:
Many thanks for the interesting page about Hafis. You have some white pages. Is it possible e.g. the Countries page, to show there, which page is active and which not? May be very helpful, so that it would not be necessary to klick of that countries to see some result.
Many thanks!
Klaus from Germany