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CH Army Cutaway Model

This is a cut-away model of a Swiss Army Haflinger chassis. It was used by the Swiss Army to train their staff. It gives great insights to the gearbox, engine etc., many parts are actually moveable.

Hierbei handelt es sich um ein Schnittmodel eines Schweizer Haflinger-Fahrgestells. Die Armee benutzte es, um das Personal am Haflinger auszubilden. Viele Teile sind beweglich, und man bekommt tolle Einblicke in Getriebe, Motor etc.
Engine and rear axle.

Engine from the rear.

Oil filler.
Cutaway valve cover.
Cylinder with piston and cylinder head.
Weber carburetor.
Gearbox with shift mechanism.
Front axle differential housing.
Front axle hub gear.

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