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On Dec 16th, 2017 at 05:54AM, Peter Schubert (peterc dot schubert at web dot de) wrote:
Hello guys

really nice web site. We are currently in Oman and found two of these cars in private hands.
Most probably they have been used by Oman Army previously, some modifications like zyklon filter at air intake or Cannon plug indicate miltary use.
Does any one know about this?
If you want, I can send photos.

Kind regards
On Oct 27th, 2011 at 07:13AM, Gabor Genda (ventora7 at skymesh dot com dot au) wrote:
As a 12yr old boy, I met a pair of Catholic priests at school in Johannesburg, South Africa.They had DRIVEN from CAIRO, Egypt to JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, in a HAFLINGER that had a PTO with a propeller on the back(it swung down like a modern PENTA drive)My father(a design engineer) and myself had a good look at this vehicle, and talked about their trip with the priests for some time.The year was 1964. I have never seen any mention of an amphibious Haflinger to this day! I now live in Adelaide, South Australia, and have been looking to buy ANY Haflinger for some years now..with no luck.
On Oct 8th, 2010 at 06:59PM, naresh chhetri (nareshchhetri2000 at yahoo dot com) wrote:
its really know about this increadible machine in fact i bought one of this machine in scrap long time back and am in a process of restoration but its really tough to identify parts and put it in order if i could have a catalog it would really be nice it would help me order for the right parts so i fulfil my long awaited dream
On Jan 23rd, 2008 at 08:01PM, Andrew Steele (andysteele_90 at hotmail dot com) wrote:
Hi, smashing website its about time there was somthing like this. Thought i might find my haflinger in your types list but with no luck, its a very strange type that from what i can tell was modifide by a company called Longline LTD. The only thing i can find about this company is the Chenworth buggy the made for the army. This haflinger looks like it was desinged as a light strike buggy with thigs like space frame roll cages around the engine/transmision and drivers position. SPAX shock/springs and the strangest thing of all a TWISTING CHASSIS, this can twist almost 90degrees to the other half of the buggy. If you or anyone you know knows anything about this Haflinger then i would be most greatfull to know. Many thanks, Andy Steele.
On Aug 11th, 2007 at 12:31AM, Rachael Haines (shalom at c-tzar dot net) wrote:
Hello there,

I have heard of haflingers but had never actually seen one until viewing your site. I am happy to know that some were imported to the United States. I am currently the owner of a Volkswagen Thing, also known as the Kuebelwagen, and I love any vehicles that resemble the rough square build of these kinds of off road vehicles. I hope that you find others who are interested in your site, as I would love to learn more about haflingers.

Rachael Haines
On Jan 3rd, 2007 at 03:15AM, Ganggas Widjajanto (gaggasw at yahoo dot com) wrote:
dear Constantin, its great to know all the series you have here, now I have more info on this Hafy, If I have more question on the gear box system or transmission can you give me info ?